Please sign a petition to encourage North Vancouver to consider cyclist safety – before someone else gets hurt …

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I received an email from Nadine Robert, whose husband was rear-ended on East Keith Road while cycling home from work on 14 August. The photo above shows his bike after the accident. Nadine says:

“I believe this devastating accident could have been prevented had there been a bike lane for him to travel in. The District of North Vancouver had installed a dedicated cycling lane on this dangerous portion of East Keith Road, only to remove it shortly after.

The article in the North Shore News suggests that this was just a minor accident. Actually, my husband’s head and body were battered by the hit. The helmet he was wearing was given back to me in small pieces and his bicycle completely destroyed. He suffers from road rash, cuts, bruises, chipped teeth, a mangled tongue, an immobilized arm, a misaligned spine and pelvis, and, most seriously, a traumatic brain injury. He is an avid athlete and a dedicated father of two young children who led a busy, fulfilling life and had an accomplished career. Since the accident, he has not been able to work, exercise, or even drive a car. We haven’t yet realized the full impact this accident will have on his life, his family, and those close to him.

My husband is an experienced cyclist who has been riding his bike to commute to and from work, as well as for health, recreational and environmental reasons, for over 20 years.  He has had many close calls before. We have two young children who love to cycle and I was hoping to start riding to and from school with them this fall. Sadly this incident has made me rethink my idea. The infrastructure just isn’t there for us to ride safely enough.

There is currently a petition circulating to encourage the North Vancouver District Council to consider the impact of their decision and to make safe cycling on the North Shore more of a priority. Please sign it – I simply don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”


Please click this link and sign the petition to help make cycling safer for cyclists in North Vancouver!



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  1. Marius says

    There but for the grace of God go all of us … it will never be safe to cycle until politicians accept the fact that cycling is a rational, viable, speedy, healthy way to travel, especially in cities like Vancouver that have been deliberately built to discourage cars. However, at least Vancouver is making an effort. North Vancouver is a disgrace, and should hang its head in shame. When it comes to providing modern cycling infrastructure, they’re like the city that time forgot. Don’t they CARE about the lives of their residents? North Vancouver politicians should be sent on a compulsory trip to Portland, to see how intelligent, forward-thinking people do this.