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The boardwalk bridge at Green Lake is one of the most beautiful parts of the Whistler Valley Trail

Whistler Valley Trail – Whistler Village to Green Lake

As I wrote in a previous post, the Whistler Valley Trail is an awesome labyrinth of off-road, paved trails connecting most of the best places in Whistler – so that you can see the spectacular scenery, parks, and lakes without ever getting in a car! This post is about cycling from Whistler Village along the … Continue Reading ...

The BH Emotion Neo City is an exceptionally good looking bike

Best Electric Bike Posts

Here's a selection of our best electric bike posts! It showcases every kind of post about electric bikes, from reviews to technical advice. It includes posts about how many calories you can burn on an electric bike; how to figure out your electric bike range; how to choose between a hub motor or a crank drive … Continue Reading ...

Whistler is not just for winter sports - it also offers world-class cycling of all kinds - including the Whistler Valley Trail

The Whistler Valley Trail

Whistler is a stunningly beautiful resort community 120 km (75 miles) from Vancouver, BC. One of its lesser known but most impressive assets is the Whistler Valley Trail, a network of paved trails linking every part of Whistler. Getting to Whistler Whistler is a less-than-two-hour drive on the magnificent … Continue Reading ...

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Bluetooth headphones being worn

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Cyclists under $25

These GRDE New Sport Neckband Bluetooth headphones were one of my best surprises so far this year. I did not expect much from Bluetooth headphones this cheap. Actually, I didn’t even realize it was possible to get Bluetooth headphones this cheap. But it is, and what’s more, they work really well. I am surprised and impressed.

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prevent cycling knee pain

How to Prevent Cycling Knee Pain – An Average Joe Cyclist Guide

Cycling Knee Pain is a major concern for many cyclists. Here’s an easy way to prevent cycling knee pain! My post called Average Joe Cyclist’s Miraculous Cheap Cure for Cycling Knee Pain is by far my most popular post ever. This shows how common the problem is. But one thing I learned when I was a life […]

Selene Yeager aka fit chick

How I Lost Weight with Ride your Way Lean – Part 2

Here’s an update on my progress with using the Ride Your Way Lean program to lose weight. Yeager’s program works, but it’s pretty intense. The good news: a combination of the eating program, the exercises and the cycling drills will certainly enable most people to get leaner, lighter and stronger, and cycle faster than ever.

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