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15 Great Bike Blogs

Here is a guest post about 15 great bike blogs. Some are well known, some are less well known – but there is sure to be a bike blog here that you will love. Thanks to Skiis & Biikes for the guest post. In honor of the new year and bike season nearly upon us, we picked out a selection of 15 bike blogs - … Continue Reading ...

Families can now cycle on Dunsmuir Street, thanks to the relative safery provided by separate bike lanes

Business Man Changes his Mind about Separate Bike Lanes!

Business people around the world have tended to oppose separate bike lanes. But here’s a turnaround from a Vancouver businessman that many readers will find very encouraging! I have supported separate bike lanes for a long time. I have watched with amazement as businesses in Vancouver have fought tooth and … Continue Reading ...

Used by about 260 people per day, Lochside Regional Trail is well maintained and a joy to ride

Lochside Trail on Vancouver Island – a Guide

This is a guide to the Lochside Trail, a flat, largely off-road, family-friendly, safe trail on Vancouver Island. This trail takes you all the way from the Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal to the beautiful city of Victoria. It's a gentle ride that will take about two hours. Along the way, there are great views, … Continue Reading ...

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Sugoi Jersey

Best Winter Cycling Jacket under $200 – Gore Bike Wear Countdown GT Jacket – An Average Joe Cyclist Review

Gore Bike Wear Countdown GT Jacket is a great cycling jacket! I even wear it when I’m NOT cycling, because it keeps me dry and visible. On the bike, my Gore Bike Wear jacket provides a waterproof, accommodating, comfy outer shell, making it an excellent investment for bike commuters planning to bike through rainy seasons. Its comfort fit also makes it a good choice for mountain bikers.

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How to Cure Cycling Knee Pain with a Miraculous, Cheap Cure

A post that shows you how to cure cycling knee pain with an amazingly effective and very cheap cure for cycling knee pain; works for all kinds of knee pain. I learned this amazingly effective and very cheap cure for cycling knee pain from a very wise physiotherapist. Thanks to this cure, I no longer suffer from cycling knee pain.


Spotted in New Westminster – a Bike with a Real Job

Although I have two beautiful bikes of my own, I confess that I do like to look at other bikes. When I’m out with Maggie I look at every bike that goes past. If they happen to have a woman sitting on them, Maggie tends to say things like “Get your eyes back in your […]