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Chrome cycling shoes boots both boots

Chrome Cycling Shoes – Review

I bought a pair of Chrome cycling shoes (to be precise, Chrome Storm 415 Work Boots) because I wanted waterproof cycling shoes that looked good on and off the bike, so that I would have dry feet all day, without having to keep changing shoes and socks. I knew that Chrome was already famous for its … Continue Reading ...

Bionx D series

BionX Electric Bike Kit Review

BionX manufactures high quality electric bike kits that can be retrofitted to almost any bike, turning an ordinary bike into an electric bike in less than an hour! BionX electric bike systems were first introduced over ten years ago as purely a retrofit product for any bike, but in recent years BionX has also … Continue Reading ...

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Top Cycling Posts for 2014

These were the top cycling posts for 2014 on Average Joe Cyclist. The list of top cycling posts included my Garmin Edge Touring Navigator GPS Bike Computer Review; Giant Avail 3 Road Bike 2013 Review; my Miraculous, Cheap Cure for cycling knee pain; a guide to Stanley Park Seawall Bike Trail in Vancouver; a review of the Panasonic Mid-Drive Bike Motor on Emotion BH Race Bike; and a guide to the BionX PL-350 Electric Bike System.


Spotted in New Westminster – a Bike with a Real Job

Although I have two beautiful bikes of my own, I confess that I do like to look at other bikes. When I’m out with Maggie I look at every bike that goes past. If they happen to have a woman sitting on them, Maggie tends to say things like “Get your eyes back in your […]