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The MS Bike ride raises fund for MS research and to support people with MS

Are You Thinking of Doing a Charity Ride in 2015?

Deciding to do a charity ride is a great way to get involved and get fit. The fixed date for the cycling event gives you a get-cycling-fit goal to aim for, and the motivation to keep going with your cycling training plan (you don’t want to end up pushing your bike uphill on the day, if you can avoid it). Most … Continue Reading ...

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Yakkay helmet - plaid

Yakkay Bike Helmet – Review by Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist

Those who follow my posts will know that I have been on a quest to be a stylish cyclist.  Not easy to accomplish when bikes are still viewed as an exercise tool and not transportation. We have a long way to go in North America.  I can’t think of how many times I troll through […]

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calories burned cycling

How Many Calories Do You Burn Cycling?

Riding a bike is intense exercise, and you burn a lot of calories doing it. But how many calories do you burn cycling? The short answer: really a lot! Here’s a way to work out how many calories are burned cycling. You will see that if you start commuting by bike, it will be relatively easy to lose weight.


Spotted in New Westminster – a Bike with a Real Job

Although I have two beautiful bikes of my own, I confess that I do like to look at other bikes. When I’m out with Maggie I look at every bike that goes past. If they happen to have a woman sitting on them, Maggie tends to say things like “Get your eyes back in your […]


Study Shows that Cycling Really Does Fight Aging

Here’s some research that proves that cycling does help to fight aging. Older cyclists were given a barrage of tests. Even the oldest test subjects had the balance, reflexes, metabolic health and memory ability of young adults – Clear evidence that cycling fights aging.