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Sunahme Electric Bikes – Powerful Bikes Made in Canada

I recently met Don and Keith Suhan, father and son team who are the proud creators of the fastest, most powerful electric mountain bike range I have seen to date: Sunahme Electric Bikes. Sunahme Works is based in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where Don and Keith design the bikes, and also … Continue Reading ...

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Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer Review

Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer is an excellent bike computer at a price most average cyclists can afford. If you want to just enjoy your ride, then examine your route afterwards and gloat about how far and fast you went, and how many calories you burned up, then this is the bike computer for you.

GoPro Hero Videos its own fall from 10th floor - GoPro Hero review

Best Camcorder for Cyclists Under $130 – GoPro Hero Review

The GoPro Hero is the BEST camcorder/helmet cam for cyclists – for a bargain-basement price. This indepth review includes a video taken by my GoPro Hero as it fell from my 10th floor balcony, hit a concrete deck, bounced and rolled – and just kept going! This was just PART of the reason for my rave review of my GoPro Hero.

bike lights guide

Complete Guide to Bike Lights

This is a complete guide to getting the best bike lights at the best price. Bike lights are the best thing you can spend your money on once you start commuting by bike – they could save your life. Learn all about the best lights for road bikes and mountain bikes.

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kids and groceries on bike - header2

Moving towards a Car-Free Life – Step by Step

Many people like the idea of becoming car-free and getting around by bike – all the while saving money and getting fit. But it’s a pretty ambitious dream. Luckily, it is possible to progress to being car-free with small steps. In this post, Maggie reports on her progress towards her dream of becoming car-free.

Shocke Spark electric bike

Shocke Bikes Introduces the High-Quality, Affordable Spark Electric Bike

Press Release: Vancouver-based startup Shocke Bikes is launching Spark Electric Bike, a high quality all-terrain electric bicycle. Spark, priced at $1,799 USD MSRP is the ultimate value for the money when it comes to electric bikes. What’s more is that Shocke are offering Spark at an introductory price of $999 USD on Kickstarter.

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