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There are many bike rentals options in Montreal

Monter à vélo à Montréal, partie 1: la location de vélos

Il y a beaucoup de bonnes choses à propos de monter à vélo à Montréal que je décidai que je dois écrire une série en quatre parties pour dire aux gens à propos de ce sujet. A noter : Cela fait partie d'une série en 4 parties sur monter à vélo à Montréal: Part 1: Montreal Cycling – Renting Bikes in Montreal … Continue Reading ...

My Matcha Life makes Matcha tea that is ideal for athletes of all kinds - especially cyclists!

Best Matcha Tea for Cyclists: My Matcha Life

I’ve just discovered a secret weapon for cyclists: Matcha tea! I’ve been drinking My Matcha Life tea (their Barista’s Matcha) for the last three weeks – and during that short time, my number of miles cycled per week has doubled. And I am feeling happier and calmer. So I did some research to find out what this … Continue Reading ...

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emotion street 650

Emotion Street 650 – Perfect for Bike Commuters – A Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist Review

The Emotion Street 650 from BH is an ideal bike for women for commuting as well as weekend leisure rides and running errands. It took me about two minutes to fall in love with the Street 650. What can I say…she is gorgeous. Stylishly curved step-through frame, black with orange accents, integrated dynamo front and back lights, big comfy wide tires and super comfy saddle, front shocks, and custom rear bike rack. The motor lives in the drive train and the battery tucks nicely behind the down tube, next to the back tire.

Top cycling posts

Top Cycling Posts for 2014

These were the top cycling posts for 2014 on Average Joe Cyclist. The list of top cycling posts included my Garmin Edge Touring Navigator GPS Bike Computer Review; Giant Avail 3 Road Bike 2013 Review; my Miraculous, Cheap Cure for cycling knee pain; a guide to Stanley Park Seawall Bike Trail in Vancouver; a review of the Panasonic Mid-Drive Bike Motor on Emotion BH Race Bike; and a guide to the BionX PL-350 Electric Bike System.

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Selene Yeager aka fit chick

How I Lost Weight with Ride your Way Lean – Part 2

Here’s an update on my progress with using the Ride Your Way Lean program to lose weight. Yeager’s program works, but it’s pretty intense. The good news: a combination of the eating program, the exercises and the cycling drills will certainly enable most people to get leaner, lighter and stronger, and cycle faster than ever.

training ride - beginner cyclist plan

Average Joe Cyclist’s Beginner Cyclist Training Plan: Phase 1

A beginner cyclist training plan that is suitable for new cyclists, based on principles of rest, moderation, and consistency. Phase 1 of this plan will get you to the point where you can comfortably cycle for up to an hour at a time – and ready for the next, more ambitious step.

joel friel's cyclist's training bible

Joe Friel’s Cyclist’s Training Bible – An Average Joe Cyclist Book Review

Joe Friel’s Cyclist’s Training Bible is not just for Serious Athletes. It is also suitable for the Average Cyclist who wants to go from Average Cyclist to Serious Cyclist – or even Great Cyclist. And it’s also for the cyclist of average fitness who has the dedication to follow a stringent year round program of training and become super fit. If any of these are you – buy this book!

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