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Cycling Sisters Lori (in cape) and Nancy

I recently had the pleasure of meeting (virtually) two exceptionally interesting and intrepid women: Lori and Nancy Buchanan, who are identical twin sisters who plan to cycle clear across Canada.

Their goal: to raise funds for BC’s Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The Buchanan sisters have a very personal connection to this cause: they lost their dad to heart disease when they were just 15, their brother suffered a devastating stroke 20 years ago, and Lori does stroke-related research at the University of Windsor.

There are a lot of especially cool things about this particular ride:

  • The sisters are 50 years old, and regard this ride as their “If We Can Do It” tour. I can relate to this – once one is 50, one cannot take physical goals for granted any more – but I really take my hat off to those who fearlessly try, anyway. Lori and Nancy are an inspiration to baby boomers everywhere.
  • They plan to cycle all the way from Richmond to Halifax. And as I’ve pointed out at scathing length in a previous post (Cycling around the Island of Richmond Island – and Surviving), I take my hat off to anyone who tries to cycle anywhere at all in Richmond. Trying to cycle out of Richmond and then go all the way across Halifax is just awe-inspiring.
  • It’s a 6,500 kilometre ride! Puts my wimpishness about ever tackling a century into perspective.
  • The sisters plan to cycle in red dresses (for my legions of fashionista readers, check out the dresses here). I have always been a great fan of red dresses. And it sure does put my excitement about learning to cycle in pants that are not lycra into sobering perspective.
  • They’re not raising funds for just any old Heart and Stroke Foundation – they’re raising funds for the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Because of their sheer audacity, these women are an inspiration to me. As they say, the first block is the hardest. I’ll keep this in mind the next time I feel intimidated by a ride.

How to Support the Cycling Sisters

The easiest way is to click right here to make a donation, do quizzes and WIN prizes! Or, you could take your bike to Krusty’s Bike Shop on Sunday June 5th. The sisters will be cleaning bikes, so in return for your donation, you can get your bike cleaned up in time to make a shiny appearance at the upcoming 2 weeks of Velopalooza bike fun. Best of all, you could get down to Krusty’s between 1 and 5 and help Lori and Nancy with the bike washing!

I will be posting an interview with Lori and Nancy soon – I’m keen to find out what it feels like to be on the verge of such a mammoth expedition.


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2 thoughts on “Sisters with Heart: Identical Twins to Cycle Clear across Canada!

  1. Wow Joe, You sure know how to make something sound interesting. Thanks very much for sharing our story with your readers/fashionistas. We are looking forward to talking with you and hopefully buying you dinner (if Richmond isn’t too impossible).

    To all Joe’s readers – please do go to the donate and quiz pages on our blog and also take a look at the ride description pages (Nancy really did a great job on them and anyone thinking about a long ride could do worse than use her routes) and the heart health links.

    Thanks Joe!

  2. Wow, they looks so young. Amazingly, they have been pedaling for such a long distance! I am sorry to hear that their dad was dead early , however they are so energetic. I hope they will reach Halifax at last.

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