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Another guest post from my wife, Maggie – this time about her SURVEY about the NEED for END OF BIKE RIDE FACILITIES in the VANCOUVER area.

“I have blogged often about the difficulties of being a female cycle commuter. I commute approximately 13 km each way and rain or shine, I always arrive at my bike locker looking like I just finished the Tour de France in scorching temperatures!

Before beginning my cycle commuting I had trouble finding affordable, secure and clean facilities in the downtown core of Vancouver. I needed to find an enclosed and secure bike locker, shower facilities, an overnight locker where I could leave my shower supplies, toiletries and clothing, and a day locker where my bike clothing could dry. My boss would have been less than delighted if had I turned my office into a change room/laundry drying facility!

Also, I need to keep my fairly expensive, and much-beloved bike safe – and it should NOT have be as hard as in the picture below!

I’m sure that I am not the only one who has these challenges and I wondered if more people would be empowered to bicycle full or part time if such facilities were available.  Joe and I have joined a group determined to improve bicycle infrastructure in our city by providing End of Bike Ride facilities.

To help us determine what services are important to you and what locations would serve you best, please answer the short survey I’ve created.

Your input could help us put together some really useful solutions. Thank you all for your participation.  We’ll keep you posted about our progress.”

Maggie (Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist!)


2 thoughts on “Please respond to our 1-minute Survey about END OF BIKE RIDE facilities in the Vancouver area

  1. I work out in Surrey, where my employer provides fantastic facilities for bicycle commuters: indoor bike room, lockers, showers and a work environment where you could leave $100 bills lying all over the place without them being disturbed by others.

    What struck me from your article most was the locking up of the bike. Even that effort does not seem to be enough to keep the bike safe; besides, you have to carry a heavy U-lock with you, and your risk damaging the paint on your bike. I generally choose to take Skytrain instead of biking when I go to Vancouver, simply because of the lack of secure bike storage.

    What I would like to see in Vancouver would be secure bike lockers (like they have at many Skytrain stations) at every bikeshare station. I’d be willing to pay a buck or two per hour to keep my bike safe while I shop or work.

    1. Hi Graeme. Sounds like a GREAT employer – who is it? My employer provides safe bike lockup in the underground parking garage, which is great – I can even leave my bike there on weekends if necessary. I am glad to hear you are willing to pay for safe parking. I find that some cyclists feel that it should be provided free. Personally, I feel validated that businesses are starting to understand that cyclists are regular people with money to spend. As this perception grows, I expect to see many more decent facilities for cyclists. I am more than willing to pay for a decent service. I have gone through the same thing you mention – choosing not to use my bike because of lack of safe parking. Nowadays I pay a lot of money to insure my bikes, and that gives me the peace of mind to park them downtown when I need to. But I love my bikes, and would be devastated if one was stolen, even if I got an insurance payout. So I look forward to the day when there is safe parking available everywhere.

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