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Please see my updated post on the Galloping Goose Trail.




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14 thoughts on “Galloping Goose Trail on Vancouver Island, Part 1 – An Average Joe Cyclist Guide

    1. Hey, it’s not too late! We were there last weekend – it’s still warm enough to go – and the B&B’s are cheaper now, because it’s out of season.

  1. My husband, 18 month old and I are thinking about riding The Goose to the Sooke Potholes for a camping weekend. At an easy pace, and stopping to admire the beautiful views along the way, how long do you think it would take us to get there from Victoria? We love cycling but tend to commute locally rather than go on big trips – this would be our first as a family!

    1. Hi Susannah – sorry I did not reply earlier – I havee been ill and not able to respond to comments. The distance is about 45 km, according to my Garmin. So I think a leisurely 3 hours of cycling, plus say an hour for stops, gives you 4 hours. About the only place to stop for lunch is Sooke, where there is a restaurant very close to the Goose as it crosses Highway 17. Good luck cycling with your baby!

  2. Hello! We live in the Seattle area and are planning/thinking about riding on the Goose three weeks from now ( Spring Break for the kids, you know…) and I am concerned only that the unpaved trail might not work with our non-mountain bikes. We have real nice Kona Sutra touring bikes – good solid tires but not wide and knobby as a mountain bike’s tires. Would this be a problem for us?

    Thanks – great blog, by the way!

    1. Hi Kirk
      So sorry I missed this comment – it got lost in the deluge of spam comments I receive … I hope you did the Goose and enjoyed it. Touring bikes would have been just fine, I am sure. Let me know.

  3. Thank-you for the great tips when cycling ‘The Goose’. Although not right off the trail but very close, 2 blocks away, is a great place to stay too. I chose to stay at Accent Inns when on a recent cycling trip not only because of its close proximity to the Galloping Goose trail and venues in downtown Victoria but also because they have a Bike Love Program. This program allowed me to store my bike in my hotel room, which was a huge plus for me. Also offered is a wash and tuning station and use of an adavanced mechanic tool kit of which I used both. Thanks to the team at Accent Inns my stay in this beautiful city was perfect.

  4. Looking at the short Galloping Goose Trail video reminded me of a 200 km bicycle trail in the Quebec Laurentian mountains, Le Petit Train du Nord. It too was built on an abandoned CNR line. The GoBiking website is at . My wife and I have done portions of this trail over the last many summers and we’d recommend it to anyone coming up from Montréal.

  5. My wife and I have resently started biking and are thinking of riding the galloping goose this summer. We are from up island and would need to do an overnighter. We like to camp or can do a b&b but are wondering which end of the trail would be better to start from. Thanks

  6. Hello! My friend and I will be in Victoria soon and we are wondering if it is best to cycle the trail from Sooke to Victoria? Or from Victoria to Sooke??

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