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Yakkay helmet - plaid

Yakkay Bike Helmet – Review by Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist

Those who follow my posts will know that I have been on a quest to be a stylish cyclist.  Not easy to accomplish when bikes are still viewed as an exercise tool and not transportation. We have a long way to go in North America.  I can’t think of how many times I troll through the internet searching links only … Continue Reading ...

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bike lights guide

Complete Guide to Bike Lights

This is a complete guide to getting the best bike lights at the best price. Bike lights are the best thing you can spend your money on once you start commuting by bike – they could save your life. Learn all about the best lights for road bikes and mountain bikes.

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Extraordinary Recipes for cycling weight loss

Another Free Recipe from our Upcoming Cookbook – Spicy Mexican Chicken

Here’s another free recipe from our soon-to-be-published cookbook, Extraordinary Recipes – How We Lost Weight by Eating Well. This recipe is for Mexican chicken – a top family favorite, which we usually eat once a week. We have a rich creamy winter version and a lighter summers version. It tastes almost sinfully delicious, but it’s actually a very healthy meal.


Time to Take a Look in the Mirror and Make a New Years Resolution!

I believe in New Years resolutions. One of the most beautiful things about human beings is that we are always trying to be better. Let’s have a word with the man or woman in the mirror, and make a change in 2015! The only way we can improve the world is by improving ourselves.